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Lab Technician
Pontiac, MI
$18 - $22 / Hr.

Position No Longer Open

Posted 3/27/2018

Required Skills

  • Knowledge with Lotus Notes or other email communication tool
  • Strong written and oral communication skills necessary for meetings and presentations
  • Strong knowledge of materials, substances and their characteristics
  • Knowledge of current developments in the chemical / metallurgical field
  • Ability to work with precision and maintain laboratory
  • Position related experience
  • Experience in optical microscopy
  • Experience in metallographic sample preparation (cutting, mounting and polishing)
  • Experience etching samples for analysis
  • Experience with microstructure analysis and interpretation
  • Experience in machine shop setting (operation of cutting and grinding machinery)

Job Description

  • Produce prototype Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs)
  • Follow research group’s directives on the process changes & improvements
  • Provide mechanical skill to do daily support of the equipment & tooling
  • Produce prototype MEAs using specified recipes
  • Prepare inks; be able to calculate material quantities in formulations
  • Coat inks on substrate
  • Pay extreme attention to the process details and deviations in the product features
  • Document the preparation and the making process
  • Read & follow process sheets and work instructions
  • Maintain lab equipment on the daily basis
  • Basic mechanical equipment debug ability
  • Participate in problem solving process
  • Coordinate materials for the prototype builds
  • General lab analytical equipment familiarity
  • Ability to perform independently with direction from the research group
  • Computer for recording assembly data
  • Assembly fixtures and diagnostic hardware
  • Standard lab equipment

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