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Mechanical Engineer
Indianapolis , IN

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Posted 3/27/2017

Required Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent experience
  • 15+ years’ experience designing assembly machines
  • 15+ years working for a company that sells assembly machines
  • 5+ years as a senior designer, supervising other designers
  • 10+ years quoting assembly machines
  • Must have 15+ years experience with AutoCAD
  • Must be located within commuting distance of Wixom, Michigan
  • Must be experienced in designing systems around power and free conveyance, dials, indexing tables, walking beams and other forms of transport
  • Must have a wide variety of experience with different types of assembly machines (fastening, pick/place, testing, feeding)
  • Must project a professional appearance and attitude
  • Must have good customer relation skills
  • Must possess superior organizational skills
  • Good communicator-presentation and technical writing skills

Job Description

  • Responsible for the quality, cost effectiveness and timeliness of designs
  • Responsible for conformance to design specifications
  • Obtain necessary subcontract support and quotations
  • Write proposal documents
  • Meet quotation deadline requirements
  • Support sales presentations
  • Attend customer line up meetings
  • Visit customer plants
  • Participate in the development of sales presentation strategies and materials
  • Review and completely understand customer requirements and specifications
  • Terms and conditions
  • Plant and corporate specifications
  • Preferred vendor listings
  • Part and assembly drawings and specifications
  • Project specific quotation requirements
  • Develop conceptual solutions and alternatives
  • Process flow sequences and strategies
  • Part handling and fixturing methods
  • Station concepts, including operating sequences, timing charts
  • Material flow with system layouts and arrangements
  • Sketches, drawings and motion sheets as required to document the above, direct CAD work and provide presentation materials
  • Initiate internal concept review and brainstorming meetings
  • Obtain vendor quotations on critical equipment
  • Develop technical specifications
  • Identify qualified vendors
  • Communicate with vendors via phone, fax and mail to provide line-ups, develop alternative solutions, receive and clarify quotations
  • Develop quotations and proposals
  • System and station descriptions
  • Specification responses
  • Price breakdowns
  • Terms and conditions
  • Identify and resolve problems
  • Work with technical and commercial experts as required
  • Obtain outside/vendor technical assistance
  • Alert management to critical unresolved issues in a timely manner
  • Maintain accurate project documentation
  • Obtain final pricing and delivery decisions
  • Finalize and transmit the proposal on schedule
  • Ultimately responsible for the technical quality and commercial success of assigned projects
  • Understands customer specifications and objective of the project
  • Establish and execute the time-line for the project per the customer requirements.
  • Adhere to the project budget
  • Capable of communicating to the various divisions (electrical, mechanical), in the company, and ensuring their understanding of the tasks at hand
  • Interface with and provide support to all operational departments including Sales, Service and Applications
  • Address all of the customer concerns and requirements
  • Regular reporting of project progress and status to the customer and Hirata management
  • Manage supplier and subcontractors relations on the project
  • Participate on all the meetings regarding the project execution and progress
  • Responsible for the design, manufacturing, assembly, debug, try-out, run-off, teardown, shipment, installation, start-up, and buyoff for all assigned projects
  • Responsible for the delivery of all the as built drawings, manuals, and documentation to the customer
  • Manage customer change orders
  • Conduct all project meetings
  • Review the overall performance of the project with departmental managers, and provide input on how Hirata can make improvements for future projects
  • Responsible for collecting all payments from customers
  • Serve as the Mechanical Project Engineer on projects as needed

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