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Mobile Bench Technician
Chicago, IL
$17 - $20 / Hr.

Position No Longer Open

Posted 4/16/2018

Required Skills

  • Maintain expert knowledge in all technical aspects of all products of the service organization
  • Maintain expert knowledge in all “Company” software programs under service (i.e., TT-PF, TT-DS, TT-ACTA, BLM, etc.) as well as MS Office programs (Word, Excel, Gage InSite) as required
  • Have a complete understanding of the department processes and guidelines including service shops, field service and TMCs
  • Have knowledge in all service related products, including contracts, service box, bench and field repairs
  • Understand and practice the guidelines set in the Service Professional communication
  • Understand how to and be able to, effectively communicate and professionally work with all pertinent “Company” resources including the product company and other global resources
  • Maintain a positive outlook when working with others
  • Be the on-site expert on all aspects of the equipment: operation, programming, and troubleshooting
  • Ensure that competence gaps are addressed immediately by contacting the Regional Team Leader
  • Regional Team Leader will arrange training and on-the-job experience with the equipment
  • Trained on knowledge of use of 866 TOOL FIX and other information resources for issue resolutions within service
  • Have sense of urgency equal to or greater than the customer expectation
  • Operate in a highly professional manner
  • Address customers and coworkers politely
  • Respect and follow all local union agreements
  • Arrive at the job with all necessary equipment and in full uniform per the “Company” Service dress code
  • Phone calls returned within 1 hour and Emails answered within 8 hours
  • Customer Training of “Company” products within your Region and as management expects
  • TMC (tool management center) coverage and full knowledge for TMCs and their operation including customer contact, escalation and use of Gage Insite
  • Knowledge on how to service and repair all electric, air and material removal tools within the region
  • Troubleshooting and repair knowledge of all “Company” or related systems in Region
  • Valid driver’s license and a legal ability to cross state borders and fly on a commercial airlines
  • Ability to walk 3 miles or more per day
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs for 10 feet

Job Description

  • You will be using a Company issued Van and Company issued Tools to complete you job
  • Please call me back to as soon as possible to go over the details
  • Valid driver’s license and a legal ability to cross state borders and fly on a commercial airline
  • This Mobile Technician will be responsible for traveling to various plants in the region with the “Company” Repair Van to do onsite repairs of tools
  • When not on the road with the van they will be reporting to the “Company” facility in Chicago, IL
  • This is a Contract to direct position
  • Contact the customer within 2 business days of the scheduled service
  • Review the scheduled time and date
  • Review the scope of work
  • Location of job site
  • Equipment for the work to be performed
  • If there are any differences from that of the Field Job Form, notify the Regional Team Leader immediately of any discrepancies
  • Receive job and job number per the Field Service Job Form
  • Review the service request to ensure successful job executions
  • Ensure that you have all necessary equipment
  • Ensure that you have the necessary competence
  • Ensure that the work is possible within the time or operation framework of the request
  • Ensure the budget set is possible based on the location and scope of work
  • Inform the Regional Team Leader Immediately of any discrepancies
  • Contact RSM or customer when traveling to the job site to ensure that they are prepared for your visit
  • Fill in as much data into the Field Service Report as possible before leaving the job site
  • If they are available, walk through the Field Service Report with the customer so that they understand the problem and the solution
  • If possible, make recommendations that will help improve the customer’s operation
  • Ask the customer sign the report
  • If customer refuses to sign, make them aware that this is not an invoice and that the signature simply confirms that someone from “Company” was present
  • Only leave the job when the customer is satisfied that the problem has been solved or is in the process of being solved
  • If for some reason you need to leave prior to job completion, contact the RTL immediately and request another technician
  • Complete and archive the Field Service Report within 24 hours of job completion
  • Attach applicable files like program files or e-mails
  • Submit to Service Support for invoicing
  • Calls and / or emails sent to customers that were visited in the prior week
  • The purpose is to follow up on the work that was performed and ensure everything is operating to their expectations
  • When in between jobs, all paperwork is expected to be performed
  • If paperwork is caught up, the expectation is to be supporting the Service Center
  • This may include duties to perform in the Service Center set by the manager or performing evaluations or servicing / testing of customer assets
  • Maintain education on all product within your respective area of expertise
  • Ensure you meet the 40 hour training requirements
  • Discuss with team leader if requirements are not met
  • Recommend at least 16 Hours of new product training not under your area of expertise
  • If you are in the air shop, then you need training in electric, cal or hoist, etc…
  • Document all training hours on the Competency Portal
  • Notify management of any waste or inefficiency when performing duties
  • Other assigned duties as required by management

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