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Warranty Engineer
Auburn Hills, MI
$70k - $100k / Year

Position No Longer Open

Posted 1/06/2017

Required Skills

  • Superior negotiation skills¬†
  • Knowledge of Multiple OEM systems
  • Excellent Excel Skills

Job Description

  • Monitor and control the assembly processes Evaluation of statistical data
  • Initiate and follow-up corrective actions Analysis of customer complaints
  • Prepare and carry out presentations to the customer Evaluate the quality of the product in customers' locations¬†
  • Coordinate the sorting and containment of the faulty or suspicious finished product
  • Communicate potential problems to those involved Establish the acceptance criteria for cosmetic matters Begin validation of the equipment, MSA studies Participation in production of quality documents
  • Support the assembly processes in the points related to quality
  • Assure follow-up to the quality procedures
  • Evaluation and approval of engineering and PCR changes Elaboration of quality metrics for managerial review
  • Supervise and evaluate the activities of auditors
  • Feedback to the internal and external customer
  • Receive notifications of the results of the laboratory tests
  • Comply with the procedures and instructions of the quality and environment standards (those applicable)
  • Provide support and training to personnel as required
  • All those activities that are generated due to changes, necessity and / or improvement in the process of the area
  • Represent ALNA at customer facilities on a regular (weekly) basis
  • Document activity in plant visits (inspection log, weekly activity summary, etc.)¬†participate with customer specified warranty analysis of dealer / field returned components at periodic intervals as determined by customer
  • Review ALNA products; handling of product shipping containers, interface with assembly line activity of product, review product in salvage reclamation areas
  • Analyze product held in salvage for possible rework for return to service or scrap disposition
  • Analyze product for root cause scrap responsibility
  • Develop recommend and implement corrective action as required Assist in customer nonconformance (PR&R) resolution
  • Monitor internal and external reporting: PPM's, warranty returns, salvage reports

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