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Maintenance Planner
Bedford Park, IL

Position No Longer Open

Posted 3/07/2017

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of SAP system as it pertains to maintenance and operations a plus
  • Capacity to solve problems through creative, innovative solutions and challenge traditional methods of accomplishing tasks
  • 2-3 years specifically as a MP doing that function every day
  • No specific industry as long as maintenance planning but mining, oil and gas, steel, paper mills and other chemical processes
  • Electrical maintenance planning would be transferable as well
  • Bill of Materials BOM, working with technical data or analyzing previous work to optimize and also corrective maintenance (fixing an issue)

Job Description

  • Develop and maintain in depth knowledge of appropriate company and regulatory rules, procedures, and policies, assure proper execution of all safety related permits required for maintenance activities 
  • Originate all necessary permits and Safe Plan of Action (SPA’s) for maintenance activities
  • Responsible for managing the maintenance work order process including: work request approval, prioritization, cost effectiveness, recording labor charges, preventive maintenance, and work order completion
  • Prepare work outline and schedules for both daily and shutdown work activities
  • Develop and maintain daily, weekly, monthly, and shutdown maintenance schedules
  • Develop and implement preventive and predictive maintenance programs within System Analysis Program (SAP) to achieve reliability and cost targets
  • Provide reports to Unit Managers for work order backlog, work history for equipment, and preventive maintenance work status
  • Develop lists of parts required for work assignments and confirm with warehousing as to their availability
  • Prioritize and issue work orders for all maintenance work while monitoring maintenance backlog at an appropriate level
  • Enter requisitions for parts and labor on planned and emergency work in SAP
  • Manage unit equipment spare parts inventory to ensure the quality, quantity, and adequacy are being met while meeting unit and plant cost effectiveness goals
  • Ensure all safety guidelines are outlined for planned maintenance work and preventive maintenance work
  • Monitor spending to meet unit and plant budget goals 
  • Assist in monitoring maintenance performance measurements such as: Percent Emergency and Schedule Break Work, Percent Scheduled Work Completion, Percent Completed and Compliance for Preventive Maintenance, etc., by updating and maintaining the information within SAP
  • Write New Item for Stores (NIFS) for changes or updates
  • Manage and update the SAP data for the unit to ensure proper spare parts are listed and history is being kept on unit equipment
  • Maintain SAP database and continuously make changes as it pertains to planning, scheduling, analyzing maintenance activities
  • Provide assistance to Maintenance Manager in monitoring the equipment spare parts data accurately and completely
  • Assist purchasing by biding work and providing proper documentation on scope of work and bid waivers
  • Coordinate unit maintenance activities with operations by participating in planning meetings to ensure open communications while supporting unit and plant production goals
  • Be a leader in improving unit quality performance, emphasizing involvement of suppliers of maintenance supplies and services in meeting unit and plant expectations for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and quality
  • Work with Unit Maintenance Manager on preparing annual unit maintenance budget

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