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Chassis System Integration Engineer
Novi, MI

Position No Longer Open

Posted 1/30/2018

Required Skills

  • Prefer bachelor degree or higher
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience in chassis systems integration
  • K&C Testing experience
  • Familiar with typical automotive engineering documents (Requirements, Specifications, DVPR, FMEA, and Control Plans)
  • Vehicle Dynamics experience preferred
  • ADAMS knowledge preferred

Job Description

  • Responsible for leading engineering integration of suspension and steering systems, under department manager’s supervision;
  • Develop and Define Chassis System Platform solution for commonality and reuse
  • Develop and improve generic Core Engineering Documents for the Chassis System
  • Health Chart (Performance Targets)
  • Engineering Specifications (ES)
  • Design Requirements and Guides
  • P-Diagram & Boundary Diagram
  • Define for Vehicle Programs based on Program Assumptions and Target Cascade:
  • Architecture
  • Geometry (including Hard points)
  • Kinematics
  • Compliances
  • Define and release program specific Engineering Documents for the chassis system based on Program assumptions and performance Target Cascade
  • Health Chart (Performance Targets)
  • Engineering Specifications (ES)
  • P-Diagram & Boundary Diagram
  • Define Program Specific Chassis System Performance targets that are compatible with Program Assumptions, Vehicle Performance Targets, and Design Requirements
  • Identify gaps and deficiencies in chassis system’s architecture and geometry in meeting program’s hardware content assumptions, performance targets, package, and vehicle specifications
  • Assist in the cascade of component specifications that achieve the Chassis System Performance Targets
  • Lead the development of chassis systems package analysis
  • Develop and improve chassis system target setting / assessment, modeling, and analysis process and procedures
  • Conduct benchmarking / research in advanced suspension and steering technology, regulatory requirements and compliance
  • Assist in development of quality processes and checks for the manufacturing of Chassis System
  • Assist in development of architecture strategies that enable weight reduction

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