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Hybrid Controls Requirements Development Engineer
Auburn Hills, Michigan

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Posted 1/03/2018

Required Skills

  • Deep knowledge of hybrid system level interaction in a hybrid environment
  • BS in mechanical or electrical engineering is required. Advanced degrees such as MS or PhD preferred
  • 3+ years in powertrain design / release / controls engineering
  • 2+ years of proven experience in electrified propulsion systems controls design and development
  • Fundamental knowledge of internal combustion engines and hybrid powertrains

Job Description

  • Participate in identification of system "use cases” or operating modes
  • Participate in identification and rationalization of all steady-state operating modes
  • Participate in developing detailed interaction strategy between all hybrid systems and transitions
  • Develop detailed documentation of all operating modes and all transitions
  • Developing speed and torque interfaces between all hybrid systems
  • Developing status / state / mode interfaces
  • Support specification of CAN dbc files and communication gateways
  • Submit change requests for hybrid SW to accomplish design intent
  • Definition of new software functionality needed to accomplish interface requirements
  • Support system design specification and requirements
  • Define failure modes and remedial actions
  • Develop and document remedial actions

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