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Tooling Engineer – Castings
Southfield, MI

Position No Longer Open

Posted 6/13/2018

Required Skills

  • Must have casting (preferably Aluminum Casting) Experience
  • Position requires about 25% travel within the US
  • Tooling Engineer or equivalent will be considered
  • Casted Components are related to Automotive Suspension parts
  • Any CAD experience is acceptable (catia, UG, Solidworks, etc.)
  • Must Have Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Manufacturing

Job Description

  • Casting Engineer
  • Must have casting experience – preferably aluminum casting exp.
  • Typically, responsible for leading, coordinating, and monitoring the work of others who perform the same type of work as this job
  • Lead responsibilities typically include training, checking the work of others and ensuring supplies and materials are available                
  • The Casting Engineer is an experienced engineer and serves as the primary and responsible person for developing a casting solution for the parts developed by product engineering or received from the customer technical liaison
  • The person is charged with finding the optimum casting process and layout, developing a casting solution and tooling that will meet the customer requirements
  • This person is expected to function at a fast pace with minimum supervision in a technical environment
  • The requirements of the business may cause frequent interruptions and changing priorities
  • Process Modeling: 40%
  • Performs evaluation for manufacturability on the incoming casting designs, received from product engineering or customers
  • Develops or directs a development of casting design based on machined part models or drawings received
  • Performs gating and risers design, cooling placement and mold layout for quoting purposes or to achieve quoted production parameters while meeting customer requirements
  • Performs a casting solidification simulations and recommends casting modifications to improve flow and solidification patterns (Using MagmaSoft and / or EKK, other)
  • Understands analytical tools, basic statistics, DOE, CAE (able to understands CAE work and evaluate output)
  • Understands material properties and specifications (understanding of aluminum and iron alloys)
  • Understand different casting processes (PCPC, VRC / PRC, Tilt Pour, Gravity Pour in permanent, semi-permanent and sand molds)
  • Track and implement Engineering changes
  • Completes the tooling design for prototype and production builds (Using Siemens NX)
  • Supports development of tooling by outside sources when needed
  • Provides support to the tool shops during tool build
  • Completes an initial process settings job card for prototype runs
  • Provides a follow-up support to the plants for process or tooling problems
  • Maintains the tooling and process data updated to the latest revision levels
  • Supports the process development during prototype casting runs and during the APQP and PPAP
  • Completes an initial process settings job card for prototype runs
  • Provides a follow-up support to the plants for process or tooling problems
  • Communicates engineering & manufacturing issues / proposals to the product engineering, customer and manufacturing plants (casting and machining)
  • Prepares and supports design reviews internal and with the customer (from casting manufacturing side)
  • Support customer interaction with assistance
  • Provides input to management for personal growth path
  • Supports and attends trials and launches at manufacturing plants as needed
  • Supports engineering change requests (analysis and creation)
  • Supports approval of engineering designs changes
  • Serves as technical contact with tool-shops: supports and oversees the technical aspect of the tool build, to meet the geometry and quality requirements
  • Supports Program Manager
  • Supports manufacturing lead meetings, initiatives and launch readiness
  • Supports and attends trials and launches at facilities and sub supplier facilities as needed
  • Supports plats in their scrap reduction and continuous improvement activities
  • Support plants in the tooling improvement or trouble shooting projects
  • Track annual savings generated and implemented
  • Lead / support VA / VE activities
  • Provides input to management for personal growth path

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