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Line Leader
Sterling Heights, MI
$20 / Hr.

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Posted 3/14/2018

Required Skills

  • Assertive attitude to enforce rules and regulations
  • Not afraid to perform corrective action
  • Manufacturing background 

Job Description

  • Safety: Glasses, Earplugs, Safety shoes, Gloves, People being conscious of machinery and operations to avoid injury
  • Training and Development: insure each operator is trained properly to perform given tasks, Plex, operators understand how to operate machines, understand Wear Offsets, Given Dimensions / Tolerances, Properly use Gages / how to calibrate, Insure all boxes are tagged properly, Plex labels being utilized
  • Production Requirements: Does the operator know there Expected DAILY Target for work center, Review Production numbers throughout the day to insure operators are meeting expectations, If production targets are not met What is needed to insure we meet our goals, Training, Tools, Wrenches, etc., Are Procedures that are in place being followed if not why
  • Quality: Insure each operator understands the importance of making Quality Product and insuring each part passed to next operation is to Spec, what to do with nonconformance parts and how to properly tag and dispose
  • Communication, between line leaders, operator to operator, Leader to operator, Supervisor to leader / operator, Emails, verbally etc.
  • Plex: Production numbers match what data is inputted in PLEX, Making sure every operator is logged in and work center status is accurate, Check sheets are being inputted on time and as accurate as possible, Downtime is being captured accurately
  • PM’s: All machines have PMs done monthly and / or daily, Oils are filled, coolant levels are full, turrets are cleaned of chips, grippers are in good condition / indicated properly, chip build up is cleared at end of shift
  • General: Utilize 30min overlap, All operators are taking initiative to keep workstation clean at all times, Gage tables are clean and organized, gage masters are with gages, Work instructions are clean, visible and being followed, No parts are laying under or on top of carts / tables etc. untagged

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