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Cad Administrator
Dallas , TX

Position No Longer Open

Posted 7/02/2018

Required Skills

  • 4-7 years’ experience required in AutoCAD with Revit OR timberline
  • Associates or Bachelor’s degree required
  • Sales & Estimating Assistance
  • Research systems and codes as requested by Sales and Estimating
  • Draft drawings & details as requested and / or required for bid submissions or use as a sales tool
  • Provide Sales & Estimating with current or historical information as it relates to system bid design including but not limited to FM Assemblies, warrantable manufacturer assemblies, system details, LEED, applicable codes, “tricks of the trade” as learned on previous projects
  • Provide system samples out of the company storage catalog or order samples from trade partners as requested by sales and estimating
  • Project Submittals, Design Drawings, & Closeout Documents
  • Provide a confirming outline of all required project submittals for clarification, responsibility assignment, and tacking to the Project Manager, Project Administrator, & Estimator prior to start
  • Author all Requests for Information (RFI) to the client and / or the design team as it relates to clarifications required for the submittal process
  • Draft and submit all drawings and details as it relates to each specific project and project specific conditions to the client, design team, FM, system manufacturer and / or municipalities
  • Accumulate and submit all product data and safety data sheets as it relates to each specific project condition to the client, design team, FM, and / or municipalities
  • Accumulate and submit all product and system test data as it relates to each specific project to the client, design team, FM, and / or municipalities
  • Accumulate and submit all product samples as it relates to the each specific project to the client, design team, FM, and / or municipalities
  • Accumulate and submit all required LEED documentation as it relates to all specific project to the client, design team, and / or municipalities
  • Assist in the execution of mock-ups as designated
  • Work with the Company’s engineer of record for each specific project and each project specific condition to create a complete design package including but not limited to drawings, details, design calculation data, product data
  • All items as described above are to be drafted, authored, filed, submitted, documented and tracked in accordance with Company Policy and project specific direction as required
  • All required alteration and amendments to the submitted documents, resubmission and submissions of the aforementioned outlined items as a result of the preconstruction and construction process are the CAD & Submittal Administrator’s responsibility
  • All required As-Built Drawing and closeout document requirements as they relate to the aforementioned outlined items are the CAD & Submittal Administrator’s responsibility

Job Description

  • The CAD & Submittal Administrator’s primary role is providing timely, complete, and accurate construction documents for the use of our clients, and municipalities
  • The CAD & Submittal Administrator’s focus will be satisfying the contractual and / or project specific requirements set forth by the clients as well as, serving the clients team with steadfast commitment to interdepartmental collaboration, policies, procedures, and accuracy
  • Reports to the Director of Project Management
  • Responsible for project specific tasks as assigned by the Project Manager for given projects as well as specific tasks as directed by the Sales & Estimating Department to secure business
  • Will have a linear relationship with the Project Administrator and share responsibilities from time to time
  • Required to attend Hand-Off Meetings, post construction meetings, Project Manager Meetings, Project Specific Meetings as required (on site and off site) as well as the clients companywide meetings
  • At the handoff meeting the Project Manager, Estimator, Project Administrator, Operations Manager and CAD & Submittal Administrator will review the Contract, Drawings, Specifications, FM Requirements, Assembly Letters, Building Code, Energy Code, photos, RFIs, Substitution Requests, Bid Forms, EDGE Estimate documents, and any other relevant documents to determine the product data, samples, LEED documentation, engineering, testing, FM Submission and shop drawings required for submission to the client, permitting, and / or required for quality control by the clients Field
  • An Outline of the meetings determination will be sent by the CAD & Submittal Administrator to the Project Manager for mutual agreement prior to commencing with work on the project 
  • After this review the CAD Department will be fully responsible for the accumulation product data, samples, engineering, testing and drawing of plans and details in accordance with agreed projects requirements

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